FJUHSD Board Elections

I attended the Fullerton Joint Union High School District candidate board meeting for the upcoming November 2 elections to hear what these candidates had to say about their future goals if elected. This board meeting was held by League of Women voters in California Education Fund in Fullerton. It was held to allow the community and voters to come and hear what the candidates goals and ambitions are if elected.

Each candidate had a chance to speak about their goals and priorities:

Nadia Sanchez discussed that her main concerns regarding the district was that the achievment gap problem had not been solved. She claimed that since the district was made up of  51%  of hispanics and they were not testing as high as the other ethnicities, that something needed to be done to fix this problem. She also claimed that since what ever the district is currently doing has not changed the achievement gap that it was important for there to be fresh ideas on the board.

Robert Singer, who is a current board member, says that his main concern was to keep the district on the path that it has been on. He wants to maintain excellent extra-cirricular programs, minimize the impact of budget reductions, and to keep exceptional instruction in the classroom.

Marilyn Buchi, who is also a current board member, talked about keeping the good quality education, maintaining fiscal accountability as well as maintaining safe schools. She also made it seem extremely important that experience is crucial in running a school board

Robert Hathaway is a reigning board member and said that he feels the current board has been doing an excellent job and hopes to keep the district going in the right direction. He says that his priorities are that of fiscal accountability, opportunity for all students as well as maintaining high standards for education.

Lastly was Vicki Calhoun. Her goals were to close the achievement gap, to keep transparency within the district and to limit district lay offs. She has been an educator so she feels that she knows the proper steps to take.

There are 3 seats on the board and 5 candidates. They all seemed to share similar ideas and goals. However, it seems very transparent that the current board members feel that experience in running a board is important. Marilyn Buchi said it quite bluntly. The other 2 candidates have yet to serve on any school board. 



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